Osage Creek Development

Josh, Heather, Eden and Eli Porter

When was your company formed?        
 I built my first home in 1999 in Conway, Arkansas.  During the process of building my second home, I decided to start my business under Josh Porter Inc and I made the move to NW Arkansas.  JPI was transitioned into Osage Creek Development in 2014 in order to focus on higher-end speculative homes with a custom home approach. While my focus is still on custom homes, I felt my unique design approach and commitment to quality would be a great addition to the business.

How did you get involved in the custom home business?          
My business is 100% referral based. I build for clients in all stages of life and have always been drawn to the design side of construction. I enjoy thinking outside the box and adding details that bring value to custom homes. I love building various and unique types of homes. While it is challenging, it is also very rewarding to finish a home and know that regardless of the style, I could see myself living in it because of my personal contribution to the design and construction of the home.

What does your company focus on? What are your core values?  
My focus will always be on building a quality home, while at the same time forging lasting relationships with my clients. I also focus on design details in the home with the end result being distinctly described as a "Josh Porter home". Efficiency on all levels and being mindful of a clients budget is also a top priority.  My definition of success is taking the clients unique needs and wants, and implementing them into a one of a kind home for my clients.

Have you won any awards or been featured in any magazines, news articles, etc? 
Josh Porter Inc. has been a repeat Parade of Homes award winner.  It was also voted as one of the top ten Home Building companies in the state for ‘At Home in AR’’ in 2011 and 2015.  We have been fortunate to have had multiple homes featured in At Home in Arkansas, Citiscapes, and Celebrate magazine over the last 10 years.

Are there any projects you are particularly proud of or think people would recognize?
I am proud of each home I build because of the uniqueness of each client. One home that people in NW Arkansas might recognize is just inside the Pinnacle Hills subdivision. It was the catalog shoot location for a local modern furniture store from 2012 to 2014. I often hear it described as "My favorite home in Pinnacle".

-Josh Porter, Owner of Osage Creek Development, LLC